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John and Polly WItcher

Children: Hameet Witcher, A.J. Witcher, Bushrod Witcher,
Denny Witcher, Elizabeth Witcher, Polly P.P.  Witcher

James and Tempy WItcher

Children: Benjamin M. Witcher, Diskin H Witcher, Asa P. Witcher, Atalanta E.E. Witcher, Susan A.J. Witcher, James M. Witcher, Mary C. Witcher, Francis J. Witcher

KJV Published, 1824

Images of The James and John Witcher family Bible

This family Bible was apparently in the possession James and Tempy Witcher while they homesteaded in north western Georgia in the early 1800s.

Another page was dedicated to the family of John and Polly Witcher; plus, there is a sprinkling of important information scribbled on a few other pages.

James and John were brothers, and I like to call them the Sons of Thunder. Their father was Ephraim Witcher, married to Elizabeth (Betsey) Phipps, whose home was in Surry County, North Carolina.

Special thanks to Doyle Witcher and his family for care-taking and preserving this invaluable Witcher family relic.

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