A Witcher Family Genealogy 

The mystery of Polly Witcher

The official record from The Pittsylvania County, Virginia Marriage Bond Index, 1767-1861, shows that two Polley Witchers married days apart. One was Polley Witcher who married John Mitchell on November 29, 1811; bondsman was James Witcher (perhaps her father?). Days later, the second was Polley Witcher who married John Witcher on December 3, 1811; Joseph Hatchett is listed in the index for this marriage. The court clerk I spoke with stated this Mr. Hatchett was the minister.

A Marriage bond exists for John Mitchell and Polley Witcher. So far the clerks cannot seem to locate the marriage bond for Polly Witcher and John Witcher, though, as mentioned, the bond was once indexed.

Which (if either) Polley was the daughter listed in the will of John Witcher, Jr., son of Major William Witcher, or was one of them the daughter of James Witcher and Mary Colley?

         The Marriage of Bushrod W Witcher to his cousin Susan A.J. Witcher 

A clue is in the 1880 Federal Census records for Bushrod W Witcher and Susan J Witcher.

In the John and James Witcher Bible record, which is located on this site, Bushrod W. Witcher is identified as the son of John and Polly, and Susan A.J Witcher was a daughter of James and Tempy Witcher. The dates of birth given in the census exactly match the dates given in the Bible record. Plus daughter Zelenah Lee is mentioned in the family bible record along side the parents, and she is mentioned in the census record.

This particular census asks for the place of birth for the parents. Susan's father (James) was reported to have been born in NC, as he in fact was, and her mother Tempy Witcher was reported to have been born in Virginia, which she was.  Bushrod's father (John) and mother (Polly) are identified as having been born in Virginia, which both were. The 1880 individuals are the same people listed in the family bible, and now we know who their parents were.

I have included a copy of a marriage license from Paulding County, Georgia, dated May 3, 1846. One publication erroneously indexes BW as BM Witcher, but that is a mistake.

I also include a picture of the tombstone for this husband and wife, both of whom are buried together on the same date, on January 6, 1897, exactly as the family bible records. Click here to see this index. The stone records the two as "B.W." and "S.I.," S.I. obviously meaning to represent Susan Jane. Additionally, I include a family bible entry for these two, giving the date of death, and place of burial. The bible record lists the burial at a certain Abilene Church, now known as The Church at Carrollton Cemetary.

Just another clue in your search for the answers of who your ancestors are.

Pittsylvania County, Virginia deed records:
There was a certain Edward Witcher, who by a May 28, 1878, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, court order, was exempted from paying Levies.

William Witcher Sr. gives gift of negros to his son Daniel Witcher on April 15, 1802 (deed book 14, pg 252)

Daniel Witcher Jr. and wife Sally sell 427 acres to William Swanson Jr. on September 17, 1804 (deed book 14, pg 139)

William Witcher Sr. gives gift of a negro to his granddaughter, John Witcher's daughter, on June 16, 1806 (deed book 15, pg 80)

Daniel Witcher and wife Susanna sell 185 acres to Milton Young on December 19, 1808 (deed book 16, pg 209)

More Trivia facts to come

Here are some Witcher land grant information the Georgia Register of Grant books from the late 1700s to early 1800s.

April 8, 1785, John Witcher was granted 287.5 acres (on bounty) in Franklin County, Georgia.

December 17, 1786, Jordan Witcher was granted 287.5 acres in Franklin County, Georgia.  

July 25, 1787, William Witcher was granted 200 acres in Richmond County, Georgia.

July 23, 1788, Jeremiah Witcher was granted 200 acres in Richmond County, Georgia.

June 2, 1791, Benjamin Witcher was granted 100 acres in Wilkes County, Georgia.

November 13, 1815, Jeremiah Witcher was granted 87 acres in Jefferson County, Georgia; a note for you, there is a Jeremiah Witcher in the Carroll county, Georgia early deed books, post 1800s.

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