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The children of Benjamin M Witcher and Sarah Francis Beauchamp settled in western Oklahoma before it became a state. 

Click here to read a book about their pioneer adventure. The name of the book is The Clan, written by Cleo Ella Dunham, a daughter of Ben and Sarah Witcher.

John Witcher, who was married to Susannah,  was the son of Major William Witcher. He was identified as John Jr. in his father's will.  Several of John's children migrated to Georgia and played a key role in that states early development.

Benjamin M. Witcher -b- 1861

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Check out the Witcher clan in the early days of Pittsylvania County, VA.

Deed books and tax record data covers a fourty year period, ranging from 1768 to 1808. Click here to access this page.  

John Witcher -b- 1700s

Benjamin M. Witcher was the son of James Witcher (-b- 1794). Ben was born on April 29, 1812. He later married Candis Brooks in Campbell County, Georgia on January 6, 1841. This man led an interesting life in the old plantation south, including his fight in the War of Northern Aggression.

Benjamin M. Witcher -b- 1812

William Witcher eventually served as a Major in the Revolutionary war.

His DAR Patriot # is A126994.

Much confusion has centered around who this man's children were. This link is intended to bring some clarifications about how those listed in this family tree are associated to him and his offspring.

James Witcher -b- 1794

James Witcher was the son of Ephraim Witcher

Born in North Carolina, James Witcher married Tempy Witcher, his first cousin by Uncle John Witcher of Virginia. They then migrated to the

northern Georgia frontier, where they too pioneered and raised children.

Ephraim means "double blessing." 

Probably born in Virginia, He was a Patriot, and his DAR # is A126991. Ephraim married Elizabeth Fips (Phipps), and later migrated to

Surry County, North Carolina, where he pioneered 

and fathered children, many of whom later migrated to Georgia.

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can be accessed by clicking here. Check out the research which is made available to those who are interested in the genetic footprints of the Witcher surname.

Ephraim Witcher -b- 1700s

William Witcher -b- 1739

Benjamin M. Witcher (foreground) with his son Henry Witcher in Western Oklahoma

Benjamin M. Witcher was the son of Benjamin M. Witcher (-b- 1812). This Ben was born in Georgia on December 18, 1861. He married Sarah Francis Beauchamp on December 19, 1886, in Haralson County, Georgia. As a child during the Civil War, he endured the hardships and poverty many faced in the struggling South.

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​​William Witcher Sr., his life story is told from years 1757 to 1786. Click here to read about his years as a Justice of the Peace and a member of the Pittsylvania County, Virginia, militia.

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